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copy and past _JAM8098FCVI.jpg on itself with original rotated 180 degrees. then in layers use Exclusion. in layer 1 move wp to -40, then it becomes _JAM8098FCVII. In layer 1 move sat to -89. then it becomes _JAM8098FCVIII. go to background layer and add sat +100 so it becomes _JAM8098FCIX. Rotate to verticle 90 ccw<br />
and it becomes _JAM8098FCX, then rotate 180 and still same name as it was saved over. On bkgd layer in curves at 50% (50 input and 50 outpu) move to 67 input and 34 output and it becomes _JAM8098FCXI. In color bal go to 100% Red, 100% G and 100% B to become _JAM8098FCXII. New twist now back to layer 1. in histo move wp to 63 and top left corner goes canary yellow with left top and right bottom adding orange and red. becomes _JAM8098FCXIII. rotate and flatten to one layer then with 60 feather select the brightest white areas withing the body of it and move wp to 38 and arc the curve up slightly at abou 35-50 midpoint.