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Mt. Lebanon. Pa  April 15, 2012 Hawk with oak twig in its beak soars directly over head very low on the way to work. Just as I realized it was perfect conditions for hawks to soar,  clear day with warm front coming in creating a stiff breeze, I heard a muffled or distant "cry" of a hawk. I thought it was a long distance away so I'm not sure why I looked straight up but it was just a few feet behind me from being directly over me then it soared on their usual spiral exactly over my head almost seeming to stall it was so slow then came back for another pass before spiraling out of sight over the hill on the third and fourth loop.  I had just been thinking about the few times I felt that the Holy Spirit was with me in years past and longing for that sense of his presence again. As I walked out of the trees into the parking lot of the recreation center I looked over  my shoulder back into the wooded area and thought it strange that I saw no creature at all as I had just walked through. About one step further and I heard what I call the "shrill cry" of the hawk with a twig in its beak so it could not make a full throated high crying sound. Maybe what I heard was a second hawk in the distance, which would be common. I don'tt know if they can make any sounds with a stick in its beak.