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Joye Wayne Mendenhall looks through the 1965 Ford Falcon which had been his son's first car as a gift of Wayne. It looked bettter when his Dad gave him the black car. Before Jim's 16th birthday (Feb 17 1971) as a sophomore in high school with a beginner's driver's license Jim was at the wheel of this Ford with Wayne as the passenger driving east bound on 16th Street Road at the Post Road intersection ( about a block from the high school enroute to pick up a "date" who he never dated at all following the accident) when another student from the school driving south apparently ran a red light and plowed into the driver's door.  Cars in those days were heavy guage steel and could hardly be bent. The collision pushed the Mendenhall car sideway into a curb at the far side of the intersection where the front right wheel completely broke off and the car rolled nearly upside down but it was stopped by a telephone pole which held it up again  on the drivers side. Wayne always said he never felt as good as he had before the accident. Oddly, if you believe in coincidence rather than the Holy Spirit guiding our thoughts at times, Jim, who was in a driver's education class at the time, would not start the car at the beginning of this trip until several minutes of disagreement between him and his father, Wayne, over whether Wayne would wear his seat belt. Jim who won the discussion may have well lost his father's life had the seat belt on been on him. Jim was conscious briefly afte the impact and recalls being upside down and bleeding when each man asked the other if he was ok. Each replied affirmatively, then Jim was unconscious until he woke up in Methodist Hospital with stitches in his left eye brow. Now in 2012 he can still feel the indentation on his left eye socket on the brow where something with a more or 90 degree edge on it slammed into his head or vise versa. Jim could not throw a baseball that spring because he lost control of throwing with his right arm. He missed tha