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november 25, 2013 copyright 2013. Architecture Downtown Pittsburgh, PA United States flag at the Steelworkers is wrapped around tree branches. Tied by the wind to the twigs on the tree. 2  Some old media newspaper presses, pressroom including a view of oil filled gearbox.. 2 Mt. Lebanon parking lot fruit tree leaves on concrete sidewalk that is salted shot with tungsten plus blue balance FC and blur of SUV front end wheel and fender. 2 shadows on Virginia Way to Park Ridge with cross hatched shadows. Balance tungsten on camera. PPG Place or PPG Towers at Christmas time with wreath. Morning light through arches or archways cast shadows of office workers walking. PAT Bus 36 interior at night with the old Hornes Christmas tree visible through the window. It's now the Highmark Christmas tree lighted. Reflections of red light on the grib bars on the bus.