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Page from the 1994 World Press Photos Yearbook showing one of two images from November, 1993 Malibu firestorms. Neither of these images were published in the Los Angeles Times but after entering them in the contest because they were the last news photos I would make due spinal injuries that night, I was blessed that they were included in a 39-country exhibit with the World Press Photos. Both photos were made hours after my injuries as I was on the fire line about 15 hours after having moved behind four police road blocks. Because I was into the emergency red zone deeper than any other staffer for the LA Times I was asked to remain inside overnight. Due to the heat and smoke my skin cracked open even inside my mouth. I worked another 50 days before seeking medical attention. After seeing several doctors I was told that my days behind a news camera were done because if I just fell down I would be paralyzed from the neck down from running and jumping on hills with heavy gear around my neck. Two cervical surgeries and nine-months were required before I could take up my new position with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as a photo editor.