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International bicycle race in Italy. My assignment for the Day in the Life of Italy book to photograph the Italian military at their base was cancelled since they were all out of the country competing. All but seven of them were away. So I was left to enterprise for a new subject and drove to a mountain town where I stumbled upon a race about to begin. An Italian companion from Kodak was able to communicate to the driver of the pace motorcycle that I wanted to ride backwards to photograph the beginning of the race. The riders nosed up their front tires to within a couple inches of our back tire. To get a little space between us to show more riders I held my camera upside down without the prism so I could view the scene over my head for 25 miles off and on.  It tormented me  to know the news that would be generated if I just dropped a roll of film and caused a crash. Much to my relief nothing was dropped. When I got off the motorcycle after it raced ahead to give the riders room to compete, I stood tall trying to reorient my perspective as my camera fell off the strap. I caught it with the front of my shoe and there was no damage. But the disaster that was avoided became all the more tangible. I was even more thankful for a safe start for the riders, then.