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August 9, 2016  copyright Genesis/Jim Mendenhall 2016<br />
Family portrait for "Why I love Being a Child Sponsor" column. (note- Sarah Krushinski told the photographer not to publish her middle name shown on the assignment which is McGraw.)  Ids- The father is Scott Krushinski. Mother is Sarah Krushinski. Daughter is Helen Krushinski and son is Logan Krushinski.  Shown at their home in Wexford , PA (fyi- Wexford is a mailing address but not a municipality- it's an oddity in the area.) Details of letters from their sponsored child in Kenya with photo of her when she as 5 years old.  Sarah said she was surprised to find that Family Christian Bookstore at the checkout offered her an opportunity to sponsor a child with World Vision as she was not familiar with the sponsorship program. The bookstore had the paper work  with the photo of the exact child on hand.  Also of note, Sarah picked a five year old at the time because that was then the age of their youngest child, Logan.  Their home is at 157 Fox Meadow Drive, Wexford, PA  15090. (only about 10 miles from the WV warehouse in Sewickley, PA) Details show letters from their child in Kenya whose name is in the materials photographed. Sarah was not sure about the propriety of showing the childs full name which is why the signature  and her name in the printed materials is not shown.