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April 30, 2014 I have been photographing this doe for at least a year getting closer as time passes. Two days ago she was lying in my yard and I could see the fawn inside her kick ocassionally.  Today the new fawn, a tiny one which I presume was due to the harsh winter, showed up with the doe. Last year she had twins, a male and a female, at least one of which appeared to have been born in my backyard. It is on the edge of a woods and a shallow creek is at the bottom of hill back there. The way the properties adjoin the woods, the house behind me is on a dead end street. So when the deer come up into my yard they are away from the paths yet close enough to dash into the woods if they like. This fawn was so tiny that I believe it did not survive the winter as it never reappeared in the spring with the doe.