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This is one with the frosted window in the background with a hot light outside the room behind that window. With a slow shutter and a 180 lens I would move the lens some which is how the top half of it was done on location to blend the sharpness of her face with a soft edge around her hair. This is a version in which I took the vintage image and used gaussian blur to blend parts of the bottom. I went to far with the blur which started to create the different rings of density like topographic map lines within the area that was blurred which are visible on the bottom left below her hair. This needs to be reworked somehow to modify that. I'm going to take it down and fix it some time. Look at her eyes in the highlight and see the strip light. Notice that it is angled. Would typically have at least some light coming in from below the main light. With the strip light on a speed ring I could rotate the head so part of the box was low. Over time I realized that a lower light was often unusual and would probably unconsciously stop a reader because it was unexpected. Always trying to find something for the image that was unexpected.